Wednesday, 1 August 2012

National Landcare Awards: NT's Sustainable Farm Practices Nominee

Northern Territory Agricultural Association

In 2011, NT Agricultural Association won the Australian Government's Innovation in Sustainable Farm Practices category at the NT Landcare Awards, and is now in the running for the National Award to be announced on 4 September 2012. Below is a summary of NT Agriculture Associations submission. You can read about other nominees and vote here. Voting closes on 4 September at 3:30pm NT time.

Fergal O'Gara speaks to farmers at a recent field day on Maneroo Station

The Northern Territory Agricultural Association is a strong advocate for sustainable land and water management. The Association collaborates with stakeholders throughout the Top End and conducts research, development and extension to promote and assist with the adoption of sustainable farming practices and natural resource management.

The Association has delivered four targeted projects over the past three years, including:

1.   Sustainable management of native regrowth in improved pastures

Ø  Increasing the productivity of previously cleared land

2.   Improving irrigation efficiency and land management in Top End farming systems

Ø  Increasing water use efficiency using soil moisture monitoring and irrigation scheduling, based on soil texture, soil profile and crop growth stage.

3.   Soil conservation workshops in Katherine and the Douglas-Daly

Ø  Hands on training in soil conservation and an ability to develop plans and implement soil conservation measures on-farm.

4.   Publication of “Striking the Balance” (2nd Edition),

Ø  Promoting the principles and practices of sustainable farming and grazing systems in the Top End of the Northern Territory.


Ø  Water savings of up to 15% simply by scheduling irrigation.

Ø  The evaluation of bio-degradable mulch in horticultural cropping with the potential to eventually eliminate plastic mulch. 

Ø  Increased pasture productivity by over 25% where regrowth is managed.

Ø  Improved yields and returns by matching fertilizer and water application to crop requirements.

Ø  A 40-60% reduction in fuel use and tractor hours with conservation farming and mulch management and a huge reduction in erosion and soil loss.

Note: NT Agricultural Association has amalgamated with NT Horticultural Association to form the NT Farmer's Association. Contact 8983 3233.

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