Friday, 14 December 2012

Planned Grazing at Coodardie Station

Planned grazing is a holistic management approach that uses cattle to improve country. Intensified into a small mob, cattle can improve country by improving nutrient cycling, cultivating the soil, knocking grass down to cover the soil, and fertilise with manure.  The secret is how long they are left in one paddock. Moving the mob regularly allows plants time to recover before being grazed again so that the root system can develop, access water and respond quickly to rainfall. For more information go to


  1. The land looks good, but the cattle terrible

    1. My original negative comment stands, but if you look at what they are trying to produce and the geological infertility of the soil, they are probably doing very well and improving the inherent strength of the country in the process. The animals are strong, but in poor body condition. As long as the land is improving and the desired production is happening, you have to give them a tick...if they are making money!


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