Thursday, 14 February 2013

Building a diversion bank

This video demonstrates how to build a diversion bank with a spillway at its lower end to safely dispose of the captured water at a stable site where the water will spread out across the landscape. 
In this example the diversion bank will stop water flowing into gully heads and therefore stop their continued headwall collapse and retreat upslope. The gully may require other works further downslope to stop it eroding at other points, such as battering and check banks.
The positioning of the bank needs to be pegged using a level and staff, and dimensions of the bank needs to be calculated based on the amount of water expected to be collected. Additional banks may be required further upslope.

For more information and technical advice about the required size and spacing of banks, click here or contact your local soil conservation officer. Also, you can order more detailed videos and manuals though the Victoria River District Conservation Association. To contact them, click here.

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