Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pond Apple Weed Alert - Howard Springs

Pond Apple treated in Howard Springs
Territorians are asked to keep on the lookout for the invasive weed pond apple (Annona glabra) after an infestation was discovered last week in Howard Springs.
Department of Land Resource Management weeds officers have treated ten mature plants and 100 plus seedlings at the Howard Springs property and the surrounding area.
This is the first known infestation of the destructive weed found in the Northern Territory and there is concern that the weed may have spread throughout the rural area.
Howard Springs residents in particular should check their properties, including creeks and waterways, and report any suspect plants to the Weed Management Branch on 8999 4567 or email weedinfo@nt.gov.au
Further information, including how to identify pond apple, can be found here

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